Monday, December 1, 2014

Book Sharing Monday

Good Morning All!
I hope this Monday finds you and your family doing well. 
Today's book is another book illustrated by Kadir Nelson.
Yes, we just love his pictures.

Nelson written and illustrated by Kadir Nelson

Nelson's beginning were humble yet meaningful.

At a young age Nelson was sent away for school.

In South Africa, where he lived, things were segregated under the Apartheid system. Just like any young children on the 'wrong side' of the benefits of this system, Nelson questioned why things were the way there were.  He was unable to control his anger and sought to bring justice to his community.  He and his friends sought to undermine those in charge by attacking their property.

Although he and his friends were able to remain out of sight for quite some time, they were finally caught and put into prison.

While in prison the people of South African continued to seek justice and equality for themselves.  They protested and demanded that Nelson be released from prison.

That day finally arrived.  Nelson had learned many things during his time away.  His love for his country and people was stronger and he was even more determined to bring equality to all.

These pictures that I've taken of this book do it no real justice.  The words also convey the feelings around this time and story.  We highly recommend this book to you and your family.

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Enjoy the rest of your day.  Happy Reading!!

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