Thursday, February 3, 2011


One of my favorite uncles used to say, "Everybody can't work."  He did a lot of talking to us, when we were little people, about work being a responsibility, a privilege.   How you had to know a little something before someone would entrust you with that task.

It's funny to me just how that's stuck with me growing up.  My mother used his philosophy.  I remember I couldn't wait until I was old enough to cut the grass! (imagine! lol)  Well, I'm finding myself saying some of the same things to my crew about work.  There are certain jobs that you can only get once you've reached a certain level of maturity or age. This just makes sense!

A big one in our home is washing dishes.  You must be four years old to get this job.  The Boy has been anxiously waiting for about 2 years now.  Now that he's four and we're pretty settled in our home (and the kitchen is no longer a disaster!) he's finally gotten the privilege of performing this task.  It's a big responsibility, you know?! :D

He's thrilled!
So am I!

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