Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Update!

So we had another lovely weathered weekend!  I was able to pry us out of bed and into the outdoors!

With the kiddies & puppies around foot, it's amazing that my dh and I were able to make great head-way in the back yard!  Remember the Koi pond that I told you about?  It's right behind the deck, well, I guess you one could say it's in front of the deck (looking back towards the house)! lol  Anyway, there was a lovely canopy/cover-thing over it that we lost during the "Winter Storm" that shut down the city for an entire week in January.  It feel beneath the weight of the ice.  I've been a bit bitter about that--but I've moved forward.

Anyway, we finally got it dismantled.  As dh was moving it across the yard, in smaller pieces, of course, I looked and saw something new.  (I love re-purposing things!)  I saw a trellis for letting my beans grow up (or the peppers, squash, flowers, etc. that I've been dreaming about).  We also talked about using it to hold a cover for lettuce--as it get really hot here.  We could even make a little 'hot house' for our tomatoes.  Oh!  The possibilities.

Then my dh decided that he needed to clean out the Koi pond.  We did.  In all the work and cleaning of it, we found how just how genius the previous occupant was in planning this back yard/garden space.  We have this large looking extension coming off the back of the house.  It looks like an oversized tool space that one might have on the back of a truck (just MUCH larger).  I finally looked at it and saw that it's a large rain-catcher.  I can't say barrel, as it's not that.  The box has been lined with the same material you'd use to make a pond.  Well, it's full of rainwater that was then used for the Koi pond, which was used to water the garden.  We couldn't ask for anything better!

We were told that the Koi were living at the bottom of the pond.  Not so.  So now dh is deciding if we'll do Koi or try our hand at some Tilapia and work the aquaponic system he learned about several years back.

All I have to say is things are really getting exciting over here!  I hope to have things in the ground in the next couple weeks. 

Did I mention the yard is outlined in lime trees???  They have the sharpest thorns I've ever encountered. From what I've read they sharper the thorns, the better the fruit.  Interesting.  We'll have several more years before they reach the stage of bearing fruit--but even that thought is delightful.

(Sorry, no photos, I was too busy working....and dreaming!)

 Hope you're weekend was warm!

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