Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Mumbles

Finally taking a moment to jot some thoughts's been a good while since I've join Tooje in this Monday ritual. Ten random things on my mind....
  1. Why is it that the sun only comes out on the weekends??  I'd LOVE to see it on a Monday, at least.
  2. I FINALLY got my bedroom the way I want it.  It's funny just HOW LARGE it actually is (without all the clothes baskets and boxes, stacks of books, random stacks of papers, unpacked boxes, baskets of yarn).  It was so nice to go to sleep and awake in the room.  Got my art up on the wall, photos of the kids.  The energy is flowing nicely in there.  I'm totally diggin' it! :D  (The hubs can appreciate it too!)
  3. My sweetie-pie is still such a cuddler.  I've been hugging her most of the morning.  I have to admit that we don't do this as much as we used to.  With all this unpacking, getting settled, catching up with our homeschool group, our lives have become a lot busier than usual.  It's been nice to just sit and rock someone.
  4. I've spent part of the morning getting information out to the homeschool group about our field trip to see the Alvin Ailey American Dance Company's student performance this week.  Can I tell you I'm SO exited about this.  The hubs and I went to see them years ago when we were just a couple.  I'm glad that we'll be able to share this with our children.  There are about 60 folk attending with us so it's sure to be a good experience for all.
  5. Music really helps set the tone in our home.  I've known this...but have been very intentional about it over the past week.  First of all, it helps ME.  The children seem to govern themselves differently as the music changes.  I need to REMEMBER this and utilize it more often.  (I used to do this all the time when they were infants/babies/toddlers.  How easily we can forget things. SMH.)
  6. I got some time to catch up with my college-roommate, who is more like a sister.  We were in her kitchen talking, catching up, laughing.  She said, "It's like you've never left."  And it was.  Isn't it great to be connected to people who no matter how long you've been apart you can pick up right where you left off, as if you've never missed a beat?!
  7. I have placed holds on several gardening books at the library.  Waiting to pick them up.  It's almost that time of year--PLANTING time.  I'm also pulling some other things together to teach the children about plants (parts) as we begin sprouting some seeds and planting others which will be put into the ground once things warm a bit more.  I've had visions of a lush garden.  Right now we're planning on a vegetable garden, and herb garden and a butterfly garden.  I'll have to take some before shots of our backyard.  There is SO MUCH potential.  
  8. Babysitters have been hard to come by for me.  Call my particular (or crazy) but I don't just leave my children with anyone.  Never have.  Never will.  Well, I'm glad to have found some young ladies who are not only capable but willing to do it--long term (on a schedule or last minute).  With all the new things I'm getting involved in now, it's good to have some stable babysitters!  My children like them as well (we've had several evening with them to see how things went.  I have to say I'm thrilled to have found them!)
  9. I'm on this Indian-style food craze.  I so love their curries and the way they season their beans & rice.  I have had a cook book, 1000 Vegetarian Recipes from Around the World, for years now.  Every recipe that I've made has always turned out GREAT (even if it doesn't look like the photo--the taste is always on point)!  But recently, I've just stopped on the Indian food.  Soaked some chickpeas last night to make some curry with them later today.  Over rice they're wonderful, but I think we'll put them in some Pita bread with potatoes.  I can't wait!!!
  10. I see that the universe heard my request for SUN!  Now that I'm finishing up this post, the sun is beaming!! :D  So I'm going to step outside now and enjoy some rays!!
If you'd like to join in mumbling, please do!  Stop over at Circle the Square Table to let Tooje know.

Happy Monday!

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Tooje said...

I am excited to stop by and see that your mumbles aren't mumbles at all, but very upbeat. I need upbeat. I NEED IT. Thank you!

Planting season? I envy an encourage those who can plant and grow successfully. I am not one of them...or maybe never taken the time to try and be one of them. Right now, I'm just attempting to plant my feet and the seeds will come later. :)

Happy Monday!


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