Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I surprised the kids with a trip to the zoo this morning.  I am always amazed at just how excited they become when we arrive.  Yeah, we've been here before (plenty of times) and seen these same faces.  But somehow, it's new every time.

Pretty Girl and Sweetie-pie got their own maps this time and planned our path so that we could see all the animals we wanted to see (and some that weren't on the list).

The Boy did his best to run away ahead of us the entire time, making noises at the animals and scary faces at passersby.  SMH.  What can I say?

We were pleasantly surprised to see some new creatures that the zoo has added to their collection.  Here are a few shots of our time.

New Parakeet Exhibit

New Photo Op Board


Willie B. (life-size statue)

A Silverback

Breakfast time!

I liked Sweetie's reflection in this shot


I'm thankful for my father, who knows the importance of having these experiences and has covered us over the past several years with membership.  No matter where we are in the month (financially) we can always go to the zoo!  [Thanks Daddy!]

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