Monday, February 21, 2011

Book Sharing Monday (literally)

Happy Monday to you all!

Today I'd like to share a book with you that holds the sentiments of my children: When Will it Be Spring? by Catherine Walters

It's about a little bear names Alfie who can't wait for it to be spring.  The story begins with his mother calling him into their den to sleep.  She says, "When you wake up it will be Spring!"  And from that point on, Alfie can't seem to remain asleep with all the excitement of the arrival of Spring.  Through the story and illustrations we find that it will be a long while before Spring arrives.  It's a cute little story and yes, at the end, Spring does arrive! :D

What also makes this such a great book is that I'm offering it to one of you, my dear readers!  If you're interested, leave a comment below (name & way to contact you) and I'll let you know on next Monday's blog who will receive it!

[Please note that this book isn't brand new, but has been treated gently and respectfully, so it's "like" new!]

If you'd like to join in on Book Sharing Monday, please hop over to Canadian Home Learning and let Alex know.

Happy Reading to each of you!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a lovely book...and I can't WAIT for spring. :)

Alex said...

That's exactly our feeling too..when will spring come? We like the snow, but still...


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