Friday, March 20, 2015

Welcome Spring & New Year!

It's finally here-- the NEW YEAR!!

The signs have been showing for a few weeks now. I'm excited about the newness--letting go of the old and opening up to all of possibilities. I shared at the top of the calendar new year why I wait until Spring to start again.  If you missed that post, you can read it here.

Over the last few months I've read about what others have been doing--choosing a word or theme for themselves/their families as they welcome in the new year. I have been listening and patiently waiting for hear just what I should focus on for myself. This particular word has been showing up over and over in all sorts of places for me.  And so I've decided to embrace it and receive.  Receive is the word and I see the importance for me to learn to really do this by practicing all year long. (If you're been in conversations with me lately, I'm sure you've heard me use it.)

I am a giver by nature. I find myself in many situations in which I am offering, giving and supporting those around me. It's easy for me to remain in that mode. I have learned from personal experiences that there is definitely a time to receive from others, however, this is not my natural position.  Lately I've been longing to find my soul tribe--good sister-friends who I can do life with. It seems that everyone is so busy doing life that it's been quite a challenge to find authentic relationships where all involved can be honest about themselves and give/receive from everyone in the circle--mutual relationship. (Many relationships are so transactional now. "I'll give only once you give." or "You didn't offer me thus and such so I can't do this and that.")

That's pretty risky. I get it. With everything people are striving for--image, position, authority, recognition, power, etc.--it's challenging to show-up as yourself. Yet this is just what I need and am seeking.

I'm learning how to receive assistance, compliments, advice, love, true concern.  I'm learning how to accept others for who they are (and not what I hope they'd be). And I know there is so much abundance waiting for me, if only I'd receive it.

I am opening myself up to all the good, the joy, the peace, the fulfillment, the pleasure and ecstasy and letting go of the pain, hurt, sadness, disappointment, the heaviness of situations beyond my control. I'm releasing the anger and setting down all that extra baggage.  It's such a good feeling to begin anew and pick up only the things that are useful to me now. I've been reading, learning,  and conferencing with those who have already done so.  I'm already receiving tips, encouragement, support and friendship because of these new relationships.  It's exciting! Just like Spring.

Happy Spring & New Year!!

Be well.

I took each of these photos around my yard. Such a pretty place now that things are growing again. (smile)

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