Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekly Intentions :: A Practice

Such a lovely day today. The sun has been out. It's nice and warm. Got to catch up with a sister-friend. Tried out a new black-owned spot close to my neighborhood. Been able to work on some projects around the house/yard. Things are going well.

How are you? How did last week turn out? Was it all the you'd hoped it would be?

Last week was full--of good people, fun activities, laughter, learning and abundance.  I'm grateful.

This week I'm hoping for more of the same. We don't have plans to be out of the house as much as we were last week, but I'll leave the door open to gathering with friends. (smile)

I have intentions of completing the prep work for our gardens this week. The forecast is promising some good days this week and I surely hope that things pan out this way.

The children and I enjoyed using a new library for completing some work and then reading, so we will again spend one day this week doing that.  We were able to get a lot done in a shorter amount of time. Sometimes a change in space allows for just that.

Of course we have our weekly gathering with our homeschooling community. We'll be doing some creative art together and more group learning regarding some gardening skills we moms want our children to hone. I'm looking forward to the talking and sharing time--it's important to have adult time.

Exercise is a priority. We enjoyed a group hike last week and will probably invite folk to join us somewhere this week. Even if no one else can attend with us, we will get out and enjoy some fresh air and the sites and sounds of the onset of Spring.

I have some personal development of skills that I want to make time for this week.

Reading!! Yes, I've been reading several really good books and they've referenced others (which I've already ordered) and hope to get through them to get on to the next ones. I'm learning so much and it's almost mind-blowing just how much there is to know and learn.

Time in meditation and silence daily is what I'm continuing in this week.

What plans are on your list for this week? I'd love to hear a few from your list. Do share!

I wish you each the week that you desire and I hope that your plans fall into place.

Be well.

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