Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekly Intentions :: A Practice

Good Afternoon. Happy Sunday to each of you. Thanks for stopping by today to join me in our weekly practice of intention setting.

In thinking about the new week beginning I want to give myself to some personal development. I have been joking with a few friends lately about having 5 streams of income--yet I am very serious about this. Several years ago now, a mommy-friend shared that all women should have 5 streams of income and that she was working on developing doing just that.  At the time, I had never heard of that and questioned her in detail about the particulars. Since then, it's always been part of my thinking and planning for the future. Sure, my husband takes the lead in providing for us financially, yet it is very wise for a woman to always be able to make her own money.  It's easy to become overwhelmed when thinking about this but I am finally finding other women who are also thinking along these lines and we're making plans together to increase our numbers.  To this end, I will continue to develop myself and shore up my cliental base.

The children and I have been reading a few books aloud together. I have been reading aloud for over 12 years now and honestly, it can be tiring. (don't laugh, it's the truth!) The children keep finding other books for us to read but we've got to finish the ones we've started. I will make time this week to complete one of them.

This week, if the rain gives us a break, I hope to do some more clearing and building up of our garden. We visited our community garden this weekend and spoke with the lady overseeing it. She gave me some tips on how to get some herbs started and shared a few more seeds. We have several seeds sprouting on the counter that will need to be planted in soil by week's end.

Bird watching is something I enjoy and so do my children. Just this week a few more birds showed up at our feeders.  We have a pair of cowbirds, three pairs of purple finches and a host of mourning doves now (they're ground eaters, so they've been cleaning up the mess made from the feeder birds on the porch).  I want to make some identification cards so my children can readily identify them on their own. We've already collected the pictures so now I need to print and laminate them.

We again have plans to study at the library. We have been enjoying that new space and all agree that this is something we want to make a regular weekly activity.

Of course meditation and quiet time will be part of my weekly practice. This week I'll be adding a daily workout and yoga class.  I'm excited about getting back to yoga in a group setting. We'll see if the children opt in.

Meal prep is something I've been talking about. I've been planning for and this week I will start making some freezer meals. I'll let you know how that goes.  Wish me well. (smile)

As part of our Georgia Unit Studies we are planning to take some day trips around the state.  I've already made a list of destinations and have done a bit of research on just what to do when we arrive. I've also done some budgeting and mapping. This week I hope to make a schedule of dates. I have invited several other families to join us on these adventures and so I plan to connect with them this week letting them know our intentions (dates, locations, etc.) so that they may join us if their schedules allow them to. April is the month that I'm planning to get a good bit of this traveling in.

I enjoy art. I enjoy creating it and making things with my heart and hands. I have enrolled in a couple online courses to do just that. I have been gathering the needed materials and will pick up a few more items at the beginning of this week so that I can make time to start creating. It's such an important thing for me I intent to make it a priority this week.

I can't forget to mention reading. I need to do an entire post on just what I've been reading and learning. It's amazing to me just how much I am learning and how reading one book leads to reading the next and the next and... You get the picture. Friends and acquaintances have been offering their recommendations as well, so there are several stacks of books on my night stand, on the floor next to my bed and in my back pack.

What plans are you making for this week? How are you scheduling your time and energy? I'd love to hear from you. Please take a moment to comment below.

In all you do, I wish you peace, joy and light.

Be well.

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Ree said...

This week I am hoping to check out some science festival activities and continue with some organizational projects!


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