Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekly Intentions :: A Practice

Good Evening. I have to admit that I'm exhausted! We spent most of the day outside. It was another lovely day and having the sun join us was great. It's also the first day we've "sprung forward" and so I'm feeling it right about now.

The weather didn't cooperate much this past week and so I had to want until today to get to much of the yard work I was hoping to do.  But we did a mammoth's share of it. We raked leaves, picked up trash and other broken objects in the lawn (people have a bad habit of walking passed our home and tossing their trash! So annoying!).  We cleared and cleaned off most of the porch. We picked up sticks and pulled weeds in the back yard and also did some raking.  We figured out where we'll be composting and starting getting those items, mainly leaves and other yard debris, to that location.  I cut back the grapevine so that it will produce again this year. Trimmed a few bushes and restrung some string to retrain the ivy on the side of the house.

I also started on one of my painting projects. It was nice to paint--I enjoy it so much. I have been wanting to repurpose an old sink that was in our yard when we moved in into a bird bath. And after a few years I'm finally getting to it.  It will take a few steps but I started today! YAY!

I feel good. It was good to work. As my mother always says, "Work is a privilege. Everybody can't work."

I was able to do most all of other things I listed last Sunday. As I am reviewing this list now, I'm seeing that there was only one thing that I didn't get to in the way I had hoped -- and that's crafting time (although my painting project falls in the category! smile!).

We had a few great days this week. Visiting and assisting my elder-sister-mentor-friend was nice. The children did a great job helping and we learned a few new things while doing it.  I was able to put on the calendar dates this month to gather with sister-friends one-on-one and in smaller groups. I'm looking forward to each connection.  We were able to visit a new library with friends we've been missing for awhile. I think we all had a fabulous time reconnecting and finding books.

How did your week go? What things did you get into? Who did you make time for?

I think the first thing I intend to do is to adjust to the new time. I'm already feeling it--hopefully this will promote more sleep and perhaps early rising. We'll see.

I intend to do more yard work with the children. I'll look again at the forecast to see what days may be rainy or wet and get work in before those days.  (Wet leaves are no fun.)

We have some exploring to do around our Unit Studies of Georgia. I'm writing on that this week to share with you all so you can see just what we've been doing.

Spring is just around the corner and I think we might add a few group classes for the children at our neighborhood performing arts center.  I've heard about some interesting classes. I'll take a look at our options this week and discuss things with the children. We may add some things to our schedule--again, we'll see.

I still have reading to do--and I intend to keep on reading.

I want to continue our focus on learning time--specifically reading & math skills. Each of my children have personal goals for this school year (their idea) and I want to make sure I give my attention to assisting them in meeting their goals. Something everyday keeps us on pace.

I want to take some pictures outside this week.  Just for me. I enjoy nature and capturing it in my lens. I may share a picture or two that I like best.

Exercise! Yes. Making time each day and getting back into the rhythm we have for this time of year. The girls took the dogs for a walk today around the block while I worked in the yard. We all got plenty today but I want to do this on a regular basis.

This week I'm wanting to do some bulk shopping and then some meal prepping for freezer meals.  You've seen all the posts on Pinterest, right? Well, I've been wanting to do that for a long time. It does look overwhelming. I've only done some basic things like chopping green peppers and freezing them (doing the same thing with onions). I've also prep bananas for smoothies and done a whole lot with potatoes. A friend of mine just posted a month worth of freezer meals on FB the other day. She really did it up and I was impressed. She took one day to do 30 meals. Maybe, I will simply organize myself to do so next week.  (That does look like a mammoth job at this moment, but perhaps I'm just tired.)

I intend to take my quiet time for listening, meditating and being still. This is a needed and important part of my day. It not only centers and grounds me but, if I'm mindful throughout the day, it keeps me in a peaceful, even joyful, space.

What tasks, people or things will you be giving your time to this week? With Spring just around the corner, how are you preparing yourself and your environment? Spring always excites me--the newness, the freshness, the world of possibilities...

I hope that no matter what you give yourself to it will be just what you need for this week.

Be well.

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