Monday, March 9, 2015

Book Sharing Monday

Good Morning!

This Monday I'd like to share a book that I've been reading for awhile. I am using it as one of the resources for teaching my children about the movement. This is a powerful book which is written in a beautiful way.  I highly recommend it as an addition to your personal library.

There is a River : The Black Struggle for Freedom in America 
by Dr. Vincent Harding

My suggestion is that you use it as a way to strengthen your own understandings of history. Perhaps you need to sure up your own learning--which is what I am doing. This is one of the books I'm using. It is written in a way that older children could read it for themselves. Each family can decide how best to use it--but definitely use it! (smile) Also, for those in search of primary sources, this books fall in that category.

What books are you using to teach history? What have you read to expand your own understanding of passed events? I'm always looking for another good resource, preferably a primary source.

Happy Reading!

Be well.

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