Sunday, January 11, 2015

Weekly Intentions

Good Evening. thought I forgot? (smile) Just getting a moment to write things down and post for today.

This week's list is simple:

  • Reaclimate ourselves to 'normal' life--after being away. You know, all those things like unpacking, reordering, getting back on schedule. (fun stuff, right?)
  • Create meal plans for rest of the month, along with grocery list.
  • Compile and organize recipes (retrieve all the ones I've saved on Pinterest so we can actually use them).
  • Make and post daily and weekly schedules for individual and shared learning time, chores and other responsibilities.

I have had such a wonderful time away. I've learned some important things and was reminded of a few I've forgotten. Once we're back into our groove I plan to share some of what I heard while listening.

How did you previous week go? Did you get to the things on your list? I sure hope so. I was able to successfully get through mine.  What intentions are your setting for this week? I'd love to hear/read them--share them below or leave a link to where you've posted them.

Be well.


Ree said...

I have not done very well with mine! Still trying to catch myself from the "break". Still, a few positive new developments and I feel hopeful again for the future !

~Leslie said...

Hope it always a good thing. (smile) Perhaps make a shorter list? Getting back on track from a break can be challenging. We're doing this right now. I'm taking my time though. No stressing--wherever we are, we are.
Wishing you well in the 'new developments' and the future.


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