Friday, January 23, 2015

Highlights of Our Winter Break

We've made it a point to change up our routine a bit during our Winter Break. It began about December 16th, just before Winter Solstice, and we're wrapping things up this week.

So much fun just being together. We did a lot of learning and working together--mainly the children learning how better cooperate. (Yeah !)  Decided to share collages of photos--since they're worth a thousand words, right ?  (smile)

Baking to share with neighbors, librarians & postal workers

Mini retreat in the mountains
Working together to complete a puzzle
Working together to decorate
Little Miss baking cookies
Christmas day with friends
Playing Uno with Friends
Another game night with family
The boy getting his baking lesson
Touring the Center for Civil & Human Rights

Making her first cheesecake

Made 3 hats--1 more than my intended goal.

Unexpected, but much needed,
visit with my mentor-elder-sister-friend

Personal reading, writing and planning time.
In a prepared environment. :)

Time creating with my #2

Selfies with The Boy--#1 isn't feeling it.

Starting new traditions--'All About Me' Form
Getting inspiration from a new book

Heading back home!

As you can see, we got into a lot of fun stuff. I didn't keep the camera out the whole time though. There was lots of reading, playing and creating with Legos, drawing, enjoying good food and spending time in nature--albeit cold. We enjoyed our time away, seeing some family and just being together.

There are lots of new things we'll be getting into for the second half of our homeschool year. But this break was well needed and used.

Did you take a break? What things did you do (or not do) to make the most of the time? Breaking is necessary and helps everyone involved. If you haven't yet taken a break, I sure hope you have one planned in the next few weeks. This is the time many of us find ourselves dealing with 'burnout.' Be proactive and avoid it, if you can.

Be well.

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