Friday, November 14, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap-Up

We've made it to the end of another week.  We have spent a good deal of time enjoying each other and catching up with my dh.  The kids have rituals that they've missed while he's been out of town.  When they were younger I used to try to still try and make them happen.  But now I respect that they're his things to initiate and engage them in--and so I allow that time to be 'special time with Daddy.'  (It also alleviates the added stress on me--win-win.)  

Here are the highlights of our week:

Monday--Homeschool Classes:
We started a new unit studies on birds.  The children continued their P.E./Health class taking about more healthy habits--how to read body language when playing with others.  They also practiced group juggling.  We found that it not only takes coordination and concentration but takes a lot more practice than we first thought.

Learning to pay attention to body language.

We have been blessed with a husband/daddy who is focused on nutrition.  Monday began with a breakfast smoothie using fresh fruits.  This particular Monday it came in quite handy since we were running a bit later than we had hoped.  We drank it on the ride to the rec center.

Fresh fruit

Monday evening I attended a book reading and signing with a couple of the mothers from my homeschooling community.  Author Ritu Sharma read from and discussed her book Teach A Woman to Fish.  I will share more about this event in an upcoming post.  Suffice to say that it was very stimulating and we had a rather lively discussion afterwards as well.

The boy had a birthday recently.  He's started taking guitar lessons and we were blessed with a guitar from some dear friends earlier this year.  He's been using that and doing quite well--even though it's a bit large.  Grandpa sent us a better sized guitar this week.  Isn't it a perfect fit?

New kid-sized guitar
For the better part of the day the kids spent time with their father.  I GOT THE DAY OFF.  I caught up with a dear friend who I haven't had time with in a rather long time.  We sipped and chatted.  I then caught up with another dear friend for dinner.  Cussing, fussing and tons of laughter ensued.  I needed this break.

Daddy fixed breakfast and then we headed to the library for our weekly library time.  We had lots of books to return and several we on hold for us--we're researching and studying about birds.  Our library branch has been adding new books to the shelves and today they were in the process of adding when we arrived.  The children were excited to see more new books and checked out several of the graphic novels. 

The day ended with soup!  Tortilla soup to be exact.  All made in a matter of 6 minutes.  Yes. Six.  And it was delicious. I'm learning about other recipes and just started a board on Pinterest to hold them.  You're welcome to check it out.

Making soup.

Yummy Soup!!

My eldest just completed The Giver by Lois Lowry.  She's been reading it for her reading/literature class.  We've been discussing it as she's read it and completing vocabulary and comprehension work as we go.  I found a test of the entire book online to give her tomorrow.  This book has many layers to it--we've shared many good discussions.

The boy enjoys building with Legos, yet his first love is writing stories and illustrating them.  He spent much of the afternoon writing and illustrating the story he created using the Legos he built.

My no-longer-little second daughter enjoys creating as well.  Today she wanted to paint--and so she did. (smile)

My eldest has started the Harry Potter series.  This is one of the books she reads for entertainment/enjoyment.  I agreed that she could watch the movie AFTER she read the book.  She finished this first one a few weeks ago and is already well into the second book.  We checked out the DVD from the library this week and she watched it with her father.  She enjoyed it and has been able to compare/contrast it with little help from us.

We have plans to read together later this evening and maybe invite some friends over. We'll see how things go. We're also looking forward to a relaxing weekend. There are a few things we have planned but for the most part, I'd like to continue with the easy pace we've had this week. Thankful to be able to do just that.

How did things end up for you this week? What things did you get into? How did you learn with your children? Want to join in? Click here for the current Weekly Wrap Up to read it and those who have joined in this week.  Click here for further information.

Enjoy the weekend.


Nita said...

Oh what a busy and fruitful week! My oldest daughter read The Giver, then we went as a family to the drive-in movie to see it, which was rather well done. Thanks for sharing your week with us. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up!

~Leslie said...

Hi Nita!
Welcome back. (smile)
Glad to know that the movie is worth the time.
We'll add that to our list.

Beth said...

It looks like a good week. I like the idea of smoothies. I should make some.

~Leslie said...

Hi Beth,
Thanks for stopping by.
Definitely try the smoothies. They're not only quick and easy but so delicious!


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