Friday, November 7, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap-Up

So I've decided to join in this weekly wrap up.  For starters, because it will help me get back into the rhythm of blogging and, secondly, it's a good way to keep records of what we're doing--more just academic type work.

Since our homeschooling year began with our homeschooling community, many things at home have become a blur.  I'm actually having to think about what we've been doing this week.

Monday we spend at co-op.  The children participate in P.E./Health class, a Nature Study class and an Art Appreciation class.  Then there's free time with their friends outside and in the gym.  This Monday we celebrated the boy's birthday.  My dh attended with us and made ice cream on the spot. Upon returning home he opened his gifts and went right to work on one of them--new set of Legos. There was a candle to blow out and cake to be shared. Overall good and exhausting day.

Tuesday I was able to walk alone--used voting as my reason.  Our precinct is just around the corner from where we live--so the kids were able to stay put.  Although and overcast day to start, it warmed right up when the sun appeared and we were able to walked up to our neighborhood library and spend a few hours there.  I'm researching for the next nature study class and the kids always enjoy looking through books.  Our library has gotten a lot of new books in over the passed three weeks, so my girls enjoyed looking through what's new on the shelves.

Wednesday we spent at home. Nothing special. Regular learning time and chore time.  We did watch the Lego movie again.  It was fun listening to my children laugh.  I have to admit, that movie does have some funny jokes.

Thursday I gave most of my time to assist my daughter through her very first online class.  Our library offer free classes through the site.  She's taking Fashion Designing 101 and is thrilled.  She completed her first lesson and we made a schedule for when she'll have access to the laptop to complete the rest of her lessons.  My middle daughter played dress-up most of the day, in between our reading lessons.  She's enjoying that still and I'm glad to still have a little girl on my hands.  Time is winding up in this area---so there's no need for me to rush her.

Friday has been spent drawing.  I've tried to make it a point to do this with my kids.  We all enjoy it. We've been studying perspective and creating landscapes with 1 point perspective.  Right now we're all just copying pictures I've found on Pinterest.  In the next few weeks I'll start pushing them to create their own using the techniques and skills we're learning.

I'm looking forward to the weekend.  Although this has been a slow week, it has felt full.  I guess this is probably because I have been holding things down by myself.  My dh has been working out of town since Monday.  I'd like to sleep in a bit on both days--probably won't happen though.  We do have things to do on both afternoons and since it's just me if I don't get up we won't get out on time.  I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I would take myself to sleep at a reasonable hour. LOL!  Something to start working on for next week.

Hope you all have had an enjoyable and productive week.  But if not, don't be too hard on yourself.  You get another one to do things differently.  Should you be interest in joining in on this weekly wrap-up click here.  You'll find information on how to link up.  What to read others' posts for today? Click here.

Have a good one.


Nita said...

Oh my goodness, my daughter just started her 1st UniversalClass course also. American Literature. She's enjoying it and the teacher is very responsive. I didn't know you could get classes free through the library. I do the weekly blogging as a 'diary' of sorts for my kids. That way - one day - they can see things from mom's perspective, lol! I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up!

~Leslie said...

Hi Nita,

Aren't they great?! I'm taking a few myself and am enjoying them.

Weekly post do offer a way to keep track of where you've been and what you've done. I just spent a few hours re-reading posts from over the years--amazed to see just all we've been able to do.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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