Sunday, November 23, 2014

Intentions Review/Preview

If you have been with me this week, you know that at the top of the week I wrote out some specific things I wanted to put my energies toward.  You can take a moment to read them here if you're just joining me today.

I'll wait. (smile)

There is something about writing things down and then putting them out there.  Whether it's a private journal page or a public blog--getting those ideas, thoughts, plans out of one's mind and onto paper gets things moving forward.

My goal was to not just write them down but also share them so that I would have some sort of accountability.  I also wanted to honor the promises I've made to myself.

This week I have been successful in completing several of the tasks I set out to do.


  • gotten up earlier each morning and spent time alone in meditation and prayer.
  • made time each day to read--for myself.  
  • read three evenings with the children (two of them, they opted to read to each other)
  • made time twice this week for writing on my projects
  • identified the projects I want to work on and gathered the needed supplies to make them happen.
  • worked on one of my professional development classes twice this week.
  • made it to bed most evenings by 11pm. (This is huge, if you know me.)
  • connected with each of my friends and have plans on the calendar to get together with each of them.
  • been more present with my family this week.
No, everything didn't happen exactly as I had thought--nothing is life really does, does it?  But I felt more empowered this week. I felt more like myself.  I have been clear with my family about these intentions and what that involves from me and what expectations I have for them making room for this--some things are new, others just haven't been in place for a while.

I'm learning that being able to articulate these intentions and expectations has assisted me in setting new boundaries within my home.  Everyone is now old enough to do their part and each of us needs to see how each one is needed in making things run smoothly.  This example that I'm setting is not only good for my well-being but also for my children to watch and mimic.

This practice at home is strengthening me and allowing me to continue in setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in other places with other people.  I can be 'all-in' without 'giving it all.' And that is growth.  I made some requests in a community that I am typically a 'giver' in--something that I don't often do.  Whether or not I was heard (which I believe I was) doesn't matter as much as it was for me to make the request.  Boundary setting is a powerful thing.

For this coming week, I am setting these intentions:
  • I will continue in making my rest/sleep a priority.
  • I will make time each day for personal reading.
  • I will be present with my family.
  • I will seek the best time for my personal growth and development classes.
  • I will find time within our schedule to create those hats and scarves.
  • I will continuing in awaking early for personal time in meditation and prayer.
This week will not be our typical week. We will celebrate one of my favorite holidays--Thanksgiving.  Not because it has anything to do with Pilgrims and Indians, but because it's a time to reflect on what has been, what is and what will be--and be thankful.  It's a time to be with family and dear friends.  It's a time of abundance, sharing, giving and showing gratitude.

We will also not be meeting with our homeschooling community or seeing the people we typically see over the course of the week.  My intention is to slow down a bit, too, and enjoy the time we have together.

What intentions did you make last week?  How did they show up for you over the course of the week?  Are you going to continue in them or make some adjustments?  What are you intentions for the coming week?  How will you use your time?  I'd love to hear from you so take a moment to comment below.

Be well.


Jamillah Karim said...

My intentions:

- Dance
- Play games
- List ideas from Calm and Compassionate Children to incorporate

You're an inspiration, Leslie!

~Leslie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~Leslie said...

Thanks for your kind words, Jamillah, and for joining in. We'll check-in at the end of the week. Wishing you well as you turn your intentions into action.

Ree B said...

So I'm late posting my intentions this week because I have actually been working on them. Yay !

Reorganizing my space...
cooking for the week
and fun fun fun !


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