Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I'm Coming Back!

It's been such a long since I've taken a moment to stop by my own blog.  Yes, you already know. Life it happening and we're "all-in" over here.

I have missed this space.  The time of sharing and reflection.  In re-connecting with another 'former' blogging mommy friend, I was reminded about how we found each other then and how I needed that online support while I was physically away from my network of homeschooling friends.  Blogging was about staying connected.

I've since returned 'home' and am well involved in the homeschooling community I left.  It has definitely changed.  I seek to be 'all-in' whether I find myself.  Because of this, I have not made time to blog in a rather long time.

In speaking with another friend the other day, I shared with her my thoughts about this.  She encouraged me to do whatever I thought was best.  I've been thinking about this over and over and am seeing the positive side of joining the blogosphere once again.

I am going to take it slow.  There are quite a lot of things I'm doing, personally, and, of course, with my children.  They're older.  They are well into their learning and have each found their major interests and passions at this time.  Our days are full and there are times I long for the slower-paced days when they were younger.  When time really felt like it was passing at a slower rater than normal. Yes, those were the days that I thought would NEVER end!!  It's funny how time seems to speed up once you really want to use it.

Anyway.  I'd like to see just how many of you are still around.  How have you been?  I guess I'll need to take time to make the rounds and read on your blogs how life has been for you and yours.  You're more than welcome to leave me a comment.  I LOVE reading your comments.

Looking forward to seeing just what this new start will bring.

Until the next post, be well.

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