Sunday, February 7, 2010


Here are a few shots I took of the snow we got over the weekend beginning Friday night.
The kids, along with our dogs, had a blast playing in it!















 Our dog enjoyed tunneling herself in the snow!






This was better than I expected!! Although the sun is out today, there is still plenty of snow...for now.  So glad my children are getting the wonderful experience of playing the snow.  It's one of my favorite memories as a child!

Hope each of you are enjoying your Sunday, too!


Milk and Honey Mommy said...


We had our snow earlier this week. It was a blast and we enjoyed it too, but I'm actually glad it's gone. There is so much beauty in it, but when you live in a town/area that is not use to managing in it, every one goes crazy, life stops, and nothing gets done. As a Cali-girl, I’m still getting use to the snow coming to my front door. Usually, we would have to go to the mountains to enjoy it. It looks like your kids knew just what to do.

Rana said...

We get a little bit of snow and then it melts the next day. We have not had a lot of chances to play in it or make a snowman yet. I'm glad someone is getting to have fun in the snow.

Alex said...

You have way more snow than us right now!! Enjoy !

WWAHHMpreneur said...

Feeling a little snow envy...never thought I'd say that.

Thanks for sharing those lovely and fun pics!


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