Friday, February 19, 2010

February Update: 100 Books-a-Month Challenge

I will begin by saying that with all the snow (and being snowed in) we haven't gotten as many books from our library as we've done in the previous months.  The libraries have been closed.  But, we've still been reading, from our personal library, and listening to books on CD/Tape.

As I shared during the month of December, I'm not sure where things will land once I officially type out our list, but I'm again thankful for our reading time.  We've definitely read books we've never read before, we're still in the 'A' section of our library (it's a rather big one!).

How are things coming with each of you who are participating?  I'm planning to stop by each of your blogs to check in with you in the next few days.  Now that I have a beginner reader, perhaps we'll get a bit more read over the next week or so!  We'll see.

Have a great weekend!

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Rana said...

We are moving slowly through February reading too. We are supposed to get another heap of snow tomorrow. So hopefully we can get a lot of reading done. Leslie what is your email address so I can send my info to you. Thanks!



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