Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's TOTALLY a Snow Day!!!

Well, it's FINALLY happened.  I think we're snowed in...literally.  We spent three hours out in it. Building three snow forts (ok. three walls).  We even got daddy out to have a snowball fight.  It was a lot of work--moving that snow, but a whole lot of fun.  We made two snow persons and several snow angels.

Due to the heavily falling snow, I left my camera inside and just gave myself to the whole "playtime."  It was wonderful!!!  Reminded me of those days gone by when I was little and it was me and my brothers and mother.  I laughed so hard during our snowball fight.  Watching the kids run around.  Throwing snowballs at their daddy.  The dogs doing their best to stay out of the way (they were not amused in the least!). Ducking behind our walls of snow.  Simple joys!  Simply joys!

We finally came in--mostly wet. Drank hot chocolate. Got warm baths.  Ate a very late lunch and are now sort of vegging out!

The girls are now beading (making necklaces and bracelets). DH is napping (of course!).  The boy keeps climbing into my lap (he's fighting to stay awake, too). I'm catching up on blogging (smile) and reading emails & your blogs, catching up with my Auntie online (that one's for you). 

The day so got away from me.  But it was wonderful to live in the moment--literally--and let things be what they will.  EMbracing (shout out to Em!) each opportunity and fully giving myself permission to just be present (not think about all the things I should be doing)!! Perhaps I'll even get some knitting in...we'll see.

How is your day going???  Hopefully, wherever you are, you're having a good one, too!

[The first photo was taken this morning about 8:30 am.  The second photo was taken about 5pm.  You can see the snow stacked up against my window.  And it's STILL snowing!]


Rana said...

Oh my goodness those pictures are great. It sounds like you had a wonderful day with your family in the snow. I don't think we got as much snow as you, but we did get out there in it and played for a while. Today was a great day for being in the moment and just enjoying family. Have a good nite!


Alex said...

Playing in the snow is so much fun!! Our dog loves it and we throw snowballs right in his face, he gobbles them up!!
Your day souds perfect!


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