Saturday, November 14, 2009

Speak Those Things

They say that the words you speak cause things to be. Thoughts become words. Words become actions. What one imagines she can make reality. Do you believe that? Think about all the motivational talks you've heard. We're told to picture what we want, see ourselves achieving it, make mental plans of attainment and then "go for it!" "get out and do it!" "be about it!" etc.

So when I read this story to my children the other day I was blown away, again. Here's a little bit about the book/story itself. It was short and to the point.
Leon and Bob by Simon James
It got me all teary. Leon has just moved to a new place and is friendless. He has an imaginary friend, Bob, who he takes with him everywhere. Leon notices that another family has moved onto the street where he lives and there's a boy his age. He talks things over with Bob and decides to go over and met the new kid. As he's running up the steps of the new neighbor's house he realizes that Bob is not longer with him. He stops mid-way, sits on the steps and tries to decide if he can do it without Bob. He finally decides he can and invites the new boy out to play at the park. They exchange names--the boy's name is Bob.
So is it possible for us to 'speak into existence' people, friends, companions, relationships that we've imagined? How awesome would that be. I'd like to think so. What about you?

I got the image from here.


Rana said...

This sounds like a great story. I got a bit teary eyed myself.

Anonymous said...

I really do believe that your words have power. Seriously, try calling a child an idiot everyday and see what happens. It's hard at times to stay positive and believe in the 'unknown'. But the key word is that you have to BELIEVE!!!!

The books sounds really cool and sweet. Thanks for sharing.


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