Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sound of Music?

It's really one of my all time favorite movies. My daughter has begged me to let your watch if for the past few weeks. It's a once a year kind of movie. We finally watched it over the past two evenings. I was reminded of all the songs and what I loved best about the movie as a child: the longing to find my "special someone" in the sea of faces; having a large family in which there wasn't a lot of fussing; living next to water or a large mountain to run around on...

Today has been filled with "cuckooing," "do-re-mi-fa-so-la-te-do-ing," singing at the top of all the staircases and dancing all around the house. As cute as it started out to be, this morning...I'm about at me wits end this evening!!! If I hear one more "cuckoo!" I think I'm going to scream!!!

Yeah, I'm finding today a bit of a challenge--physically and definitely emotionally. This time of year is tough anyway, with the sunsetting earlier. My 'day' is over at 4:45 and I still have a few hours before I can officially send the kids to bed (without having to pay in the morning). We've been taking advantage of all this "night time" by filling the time with reading. Since starting the challenge (100 Books-a-Month Challenge, that is) reading is something we've made time in our days for nightly. But it seems that the kids just know when I'm wearing thin and push things to the extreme. Know what I mean?

I'm finding that listening to music for me is helping my spirit, along with a nice warm mug of something. There are many things I do enjoy about this time of year...but I'm missing the sun right now. Perhaps I'm missing more...

How are you coping with the time change, less day-light and feeling overwhelmed? What music lifts your spirits?

...and for those who want to reminisce a bit click here. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I get it!! By the time 6pm rolls around, I'm ready for sleep. Music has helped me but I think I need to start working out again. Tons of repressed energy.

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


I absolutely love, love, love the Sound of Music. This movie and The Wizard of Oz use to be those once a year movies. I missed the Wizard of Oz one year (when I was a child) and cried (seriously) for days. I have to say w/these memories, I'm thankful for DVD's now so I can buy and watch my favorites anytime I want. They still haven't gotten boring.

Music is always a winner. I use to say that I would rather be caught on a island w/a hand full of my favorite CD's rather than a bag full of books. W/the stories, nothing ever changes. With music, you can have a different feeling or experience every time you hear a particular song.

I will say that I’m enjoying the time change because the sun is ready earlier for me and it makes running in the morning easier. Despite this, I’m looking forward to warmer weather. Come on summer!

~Leslie said...

@ Yvonne: I'm starting Yoga again. I know that will help me! ;-)

@M&H Mommy: Yes! The Wizard of Oz is another 'every year' movie! I agree with you about how music can be new each time you hear it and am looking forward to summer. But will do better about enjoying the end of Fall! ;-)


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