Thursday, November 26, 2009

More Thankfulness

I am indeed thankful. I have been blessed with so much. I want to make sure that I take the time on a regular basis to think about these things, and all the others that I may fail to put into this list. My life is full of little things that when put together create a really lovely life.

I am thankful for....

my favorite navy blue socks--they are sooooo soft
having more than enough clothes & shoes
having friends/family who send just what my kids need (new shoes, clothes, underwear--being at home is a sacrifice)
parent who totally support my decision to homeschool--and go out and get things we can use!
a husband who works so that I can stay at home.
my digital camera
a working washing machine & dryer
my library card
books on tape/CD
my computer (albeit a 'hand-me-over')
the hot glue gun (has so many handy uses)
the gift of life
being able to make do with less
my brothers--they are both great men
rainy days
chocolate cake
the skill of knitting
new recipes
collard greens
time to think, hope & dream
my sewing machine
a long, hot shower
being able to share with others (homeschooling stuff, books, clothing, food)
journaling, blogging--chronicling my life
being able to feel things deeply
encouragement from my online community (you here!)
massage therapy
cousins who live close by and have children my children's ages
a living grandmother, who is 85 yo
being able to experience the ups and downs of parenting
finding my voice
setting healthy boundaries
living authentically
having time to make homemade
cooking from scratch
books that touch my soul
good music
family game night
dancing around the house
laughing out loud
playing dress-up
being able to have pets (2 dogs)
being/feeling safe at home
good friends!!
finding a great buy the other day--new curtains for the bedroom
Jaya, Kari, Melvin, the three loves in my life!!
seeing the importance of connecting with older people--learning from their experience
V & S Subs
my new face wash--simply LOVE it
a best friend who will travel from anywhere to "be there" with me
finding more things in common with more people
widening my circle of influence--being the change...
a comfy bed with electric blanket
art that my children create
a new vehicle
good movies (Tale of Despereaux is most recent)
love letters
my health
good books
having the energy to read, read, read and read some more to the kids
thinking of you cards
butter on fresh-from-the-oven homemade bread
the thirsty towel after my shower
loving my natural hair
making changes that are earth friendly
sunshine to warm a chilly day
caller ID & voicemail
land for my children to run & play on
the kindness of strangers
knowing smiles
hard times
smells that remind me of....way back when, childhood, home
the good that comes from 'not so pleasant' situations
life lessons that I'm learning
my Aunt Ersula--who is helping me love me even more!
completed projects around the house! ;-)
being able to teach my children
cuddling and snuggling
hand holding
made up stories
the predictability of our life
little bit of skill I have in the kitchen
the electric pencil sharpener
my children's friends/cousins
my spiritual journey
alone time
girls' night outs
date nights
friends who include us like family
a breath-taking view
the chance to travel and see new places
nature trails
whipped cream
chocolate chips
new pajamas for the whole family
talks with my mommy
clean plates at the end of a meal
flexibility--physically, emotionally, interpersonally, mentally
clean water
wild flowers
my daddy's unconditional love
someone to lean on
a God who cares more than I can understand

this time to be thankful...

So wherever you are and whomever you may be with, take time to be thankful today...and every day! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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