Thursday, November 19, 2009

November Update: 100 Books-a-Month Challenge

We took a trip to the library yesterday to return our second batch of books and get the last set for this month. We've read a lot of good stories. Here's where were are as of today:

1. Tapenum's Day by Kate Waters
2. Samuel Eaton's Day by Kate Waters
3. Sarah Morton's Day by Kate Waters
4. Mole and the Baby Bird by Marjorie Newman
5. Leon and Bob by Simon James
6. A Cache of Jewels and other Collective Nouns by Ruth Heller
7. Old Cricket by Lisa Wheeler
8. The Tinderbox by Han Christian Anderson
9. The Leaving Morning by Angela Johnson
10. A Fairy Went A-Marketing by Rose Fyleman
11. Who's in the Tub? by Sylvie Jones
12. Where did bunny go? by Nancy Tafuri
13. Lila and the Secret of Rain by David Conway
14. Tell Me Again About the Night I was Born by Jamie Lee Curtis
15. Boo Hoo Bird by Jeremy Tankard
16. Waking Up Wendell by April Stevens
17. Got to Dance by M. C. Helldorfer
18. Birthday by John Steptoe
19. Berenstain Bears & the Escape of the Bogg Brothers
20. Ups & Downs with Oink and Pearl by Kay Chorao
21. Hunter's Big Sister by Laura Malone Elliott
22. Franklin in the Dark by Paulette Bourgeois
23. Franklin's Birthday Party by Scholastic
24. Franklin's Bad Day by Paulette Bourgeois
25. Franklin is Bossy by Paulette Bourgeois
26. Franklin's Class Trip by Paulette Bourgeois
27. Franklin's Neighborhood by Paulette Bourgeois
28. Franklin and the Tooth Fairy by Paulette Bourgeois
29. Franklin Goes to School by Paulette Bourgeois
30. My Dadima Wears a Sari by Kashmira Sheth
31. Oh, So Silly! by Susan Alton Schmeltz
32. How My Library Grew by Dinah by Martha Alexander
33. Wolf! by Becky Bloom
34. Amelia's Road by Linda Jacobs Altman
35. The Real McCoy: The Life of an African-American Inventor by Wendy Towle
36. Savina: The Gypsy Dancer by Ann Tompert
37. Who is Driving? by Leo Timmers
38. Potato Pancakes All Around: A Hanukkah Tale by Marilyn Hirsh
39. Little Bear's Trousers by Jane Hissey
40. Belinda by Pamela Allen
41. Overnight at Mary Bloom's by Aliki
42. Tom Thumb by Margaret Hillert
43. Pilgrims of Plymouth by Susan E. Goodman
44. Ramadan by Suhaib Hamid Ghazi
45. On the Mayflower by Kate Waters
46. In the Tall, Tall Grass by Denise Fleming
47. Safety First--Fire! by Eugene Baker
48. Crocodile Listens by April Pulley Sayre
49. The Giant by Claire Ewart
50. Mr. Carey's Garden by Jane Cutler
51. Too Many Babas by Carolyn Croll
52. Mario's Mystery Machine by Sibyl Hancock
53. Knitting Nell by Julie Jersild Roth
54. The Boy Who Loved the Rain by Barbara Haupt
55. How Hungry Are You? by Donna Jo Napoli & Richard Techen
56. High in the Mountains by Ruth Yaffe Radin
57. It's Raining, It's Pouring: A Book for Rainy Days by Sarah Pooley
58. A Friend for All Seasons by Julia Hubery
59. Corduroy's Best Halloween Ever! by Don Freeman
60. Little Gorilla by Ruth Bornstein
61. Hunter's Best Friend at School by Laura Malone Elliott
62. Escaping to America: A True Story by Rosalyn Schanzer
63. An Island Grows by Lola M. Schaefer
64. The Year at Maple Hill Farm by Alice & Martin Provensen
65. Muskrat will be Swimming by Cheryl Savageau
66. Sidewalk Circus by Paul Fleischman
67. So Much in Common by Laurie A. Jacobs
68. The Greatest Picnic in the World by Anne Grossnickle Hines
69. OUCH! by Ragnhild Scamell
70. The Chalk Doll by Charlotte Pomerantz
71. Pirate Girl by Cornelia Funke
72. Button Breaker by Stephen Cosgrove
73. Snicker Doodle by Stephen Cosgrove
74. Trollerella by Karen M. Stegman-Bourgeois
75. The Berenstain Bears' Report Card Trouble
76. Pondlarker by Fred Gwynne
77. But excuse me, that is my book by Lauren Child
76. Arthur's Baby by Marc Brown
77. Arthur's April Fool by Marc Brown
78. Rub a Dub Dub as told by Kin Eagle
79. Happy Mother's Day, Mami! by Leslie Valdes
80. The Berenstain Bears Don't Pollute (anymore)
81. Krustnkrum! by Anne-Marie Chapouton
82. Dora's Chilly Day by Kiki Thorpe
83. Big Sister Dora! by Alison Inches

Only 17 more!! We can be done before Thanksgiving! Whoo Hoo! ;-)

Wanna join us? Click here to find out more!


Rana said...

You all have done a great job reading. I will link my post giving you our update later in the week.
Happy reading!

Our Pace said...

We updated our status today as well. You guys are doing a great job. My list isn't numbered. I guess I should do that too. This is so much fun. When I told our librarian that we were doing this she asked if the kids get a prize at the end. I looked at her a bit confused and said "No." I think she doesn't see how much fun it is just to challenge yourself and to know that others are doing the same. Who needs a prize or marks. A reading challenge is fun all on it's own! :)

~Leslie said...

I have to admit that I'm exhausted!! I have three non-readers presently, so I'm doing a lot! ;-) Daddy has stepped in the past few nights to help, though, and that's been a wonderful thing!

Hmmph...It never even crossed my mind to offer a prize at the end of this. Like you said, "a reading challenge is fun on it's own!"

My point, with my kids, at least, is to instill the LOVE for reading as opposed to impose a love for reading based on external motivation.

Thank you both for you reading along with us! ;-)

Our Pace said...

We read so many books this week! My daughter was really sick and it was a good time to pull the books out. She could sit for much longer and listen. We went to the library without her. Between my son and I we got her so many books! I think she felt special for getting so many books from the library just for her from her brother and myself. She loved it and it took her mind off of how badly she felt.


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