Friday, September 25, 2009

8 Things to Celebrate about Fall

This week's 8 Things are dealing with Fall--my favorite season!!!
so this should be easy, we'll see! ;-)

1. The colors--oranges, yellows, browns, reds. Whether in nature or in clothing. I'm enjoying it.

2. Peaches, peaches, peaches!! One of my favorite fruits. We've picked them at a u-pic farm and purchased them at road side stands. A dear friend drop some off for me yesterday. I'm thinking that they'll be made into a cobbler. Yum! Yum!

3. Cooler Weather--yes, I actually like the cooling down that this time of year brings. The crisp mornings, the wind blowing throughout the day. Gives me reason to dress in layers! (see next one)

4. Dressing in Layers--I enjoy wearing scarves, ponchos, sweaters, gloves, jackets, long socks, boots, etc. I was born in the fall so I learned to dress myself in the fall as well. Piling on clothes is actually fun for me. ;-)

5. Pumpkin pie. This is a dessert I save for this time of year and only eat it in the fall. I LOVE PUMPKIN PIE!! Now that we're living in a place surrounded by farms & orchards I so looking forward to taking the kids pumpkin picking.

6. Thanksgiving--my favorite holiday--is celebrated in the fall. This also includes all the harvest festivals with hayrides, bonfires, and all the other fun and games included.

7. Learning something new--traditionally this is the time school starts. Although I am not in school anymore, this is still a good time for me to learn something new. Over the past several years I've taken up new hobbies like knitting, sewing, photography, painting, etc. I need to think about what I'm going to learn this year. I've been reading all year but snuggling up with a book in front of a fire is also a great way to learn and enjoy this time of year.

8. Change--I celebrate the change of clothes (we are currently in the midst of switching from summer to winter), the change in my emotions (I become more inwardly focused), the change in who I am becoming (just as the leaves reveal the 'true color' of the tree, I see that I'm becoming/showing more of who I am), the change in relationships (I've made some good connects with others that seem to change a bit in the fall--due to other commitments, weather, etc. I don't have to resent this, but see it for what it is and remember that Spring will be coming again--my 2nd favorite season. On another note: I want to be open for the new relationships that will be made during this time as well!).

What to join in? Check out Rachelle @ Magpie Girl and let her know!

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Jewelry Rockstar said...

You know Fall hasn't really come here yet, but you make me wish for it. I love pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving, and the changing colors. I usually work festivals in the Fall, so I also love all the festivals too. This year I won't be working festivals, but I'm gonna get my yard sale on in a couple of weeks.


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