Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Love My Family!

This weekend has been full of family--expected and unexpected! We spent time with both sides of the family. Today was spent with a few member's from my father's side. My aunt surprised us coming in from LA for a quick weekend. We alerted the family close by and those who could come did. My girls have finally met some of their girl cousins close in age! Although the time flew by we enjoyed good food, laughing, chatting, catching up and taking photos. Here are some shots of my beautiful family!

My Papa

My daughter met her cousin who's 2 days older!!!


Rana said...

I'm just reading some of your post on family. Your family gatherings look like ours. You have a beautiful family.

~Leslie said...

Thanks Rana! I could look at these photos all day! (smile)


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