Friday, September 11, 2009

Update on Phonics

Since my last post we've made a lot of progress. I am still liking Saxon Phonics. The "scriptedness" of the program is becoming less bothersome for me. I simply read through it the night before and pull out all necessary materials. It does make the lessons move v e r y smoothly. I don't always stay on script but do use the specifics so that they learn the rules and how to code.

After looking through Level 1 during my planning time this summer, I decided to keep both the girls together on the K Level but they're going at different paces. I've been doing two lessons each day with Jaya and she's starting to read--simple words that she can code and sound out. Kari has just started reading two words. What I'm doing with her is a lot more repetition in that we're only doing one new lesson a week and reviewing that lesson several times that week through games and other activities (art, writing, etc.). I do an overall review with them to start our 'school' day and then each has their own lessons/activities that they complete.

We are still very free-flowing. These lessons last between 7-10 minutes max. Just long enough without loosing interest. We've taken several days off this week as we've been spending quality time with family--we're learning all the time anyway!

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