Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rainy Day Tuesday

We woke up to a thunder storm. It was nice! Yes, all the rain and wind and thunder and lightening. My son came and climbed into bed with us...and went back to sleep. There's just something about the sound of rain. It stopped by the time the girls got up, but still very overcast and looks as if any moment it will pour down again.

It's even calmed the children down. They're acting out different parts of stories we've read and incorporating different characters into their imaginative play. (It sounds like a cross between Charlotte's Web, Amazing Grace and The Lion King. They're actually cooperating!

I'm still in the midst of my very late spring cleaning. Since I'm doing a thorough, deep clean it does look like I'm not getting a lot accomplished. But if this house could talk...(smile). I decided to check on them to see what things they're getting into.

My son is doing art, just handed me one of his creations. I think it's pretty amazing and he's only 2 years old!

He said that it's a picture of the lion king:

He immediately started on another picture:

It's a frog...(can you tell?)

The girls have now incorporated art into their play:

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