Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grocery Shopping

I typically go major grocery shopping once a month, around the 15th, and for the past two or three months it has totally rained on that day. Last month it was simply a mess, pouring rain, three kids, bags of groceries...needless to say, I was soaked by the time I got everyone/thing in the house. Today, although very overcast, it didn't. I was more than thankful about this!

As the kids get older I'm really trying to include them in this 'day of adventure' so that we all don't just lose it! Shopping here (in PA) is different than shopping in Atlanta where I did most of my shopping between Sevananda & Krogers (within a mile of each other). Here, I'm having to drive all over the place to get the items I need. Because of this, the kids get tired quickly.

To include them, I allow each of them to pick out something new to try--in the produce section mainly. Last month we tried acorn squash which was new to everyone, except me. My oldest liked it until her father gave her 'an out', my 2nd only ate a few bites of hers and my son wouldn't touch it! lol! This time we picked a cantaloupe, blackberries and raspberries. We'll see how they go over.

Another trick I've learned, to get through the produce section at least, is to allow my girls to bag things. This is the third time I've let them pick green beans. They each get a bag and can fill it half way. I tell them to pick green beans without bruises or marks on them and they really do a good job at this. I've found that there are two wonderful benefits from this activity: 1) it takes them a while to do it, so by the time they're done, I'm done in produce section and 2) because they've picked the green beans, they eat them with no problem! ;-)

I usually read the list to them and have them look for the items we need. It can get to be a lot--one starts running down the isle, another is singing quite loudly, another is begging for some candy or treat. As we were walking the cereal isle we heard another mother instructing her children to "get out of the way of the other cart", "stop swinging on the cart", "please stop running down the isle." My kids got quiet as they past us. I looked at them and said, "huh, now doesn't that sound familiar?" They nodded. I said, "I'm so glad to hear another mother saying the same things as I do!"

They all seemed to straighten up as well rounded the next isle. That lasted about 10 minutes, but we were almost ready to get in the check out line. I tell you, running errands with three can be challenging. Today was better than previous times and I'm grateful for that!

Every activity is a learning experience and they're learning so much about life!

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