Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Piano Lessons for Jaya

So Jaya wants to learn to play the piano. It's in my "plans" to teach all of them to play the piano--or at least get them lessons. I've spent the last 30 minutes going through my stack of piano books which I've saved from when I was young. I remember my mother teaching me--and I thought I had that original book (the one she was taught from as well) but can't seem to find it.

I am going to read through the theory books so that I can give her a good foundation. Then, we'll get started. I haven't done much checking into the school system here but in talking with another homeschooling mom she shared that this system allows homeschoolers to take advantage of ALL the activities and resources provided to children in attendance of the public schools. She has used their music and sports program since they were old enough to participate--all for free. So perhaps I'll look into something more 'formal' in the way of piano lessons for the fall.

It's exciting and scary--for me! But I think we'll figure it out! She's definitely ready and it will add to her confidence and self assurance.

I'll keep you updated on our progress!

(two hours later)
...and so we did our first 20 minute lesson. She still wants to learn and I haven't lost my sanity!!! (two good judging points! lol!)

I have to say that she did excellent, once I got her to focus. I explained that she first has to learn the rules for playing the piano before she could just "start playing." Once she understood this, things went very well. I used the penny balance thing that my mother used with me to teach me how to hold my hands over the keys. We learned about the main staff, the treble cleft and the bass cleft, how our fingers are numbered for playing and located middle c on the keyboard. We ended with her practicing playing middle c following the notes on the main staff, alternating hands (as written). She was very proud of herself and I must say that I'm proud of her as well.

We've made a plan for her to practice what she's learned while I'm fixing breakfast and we'll do a 20 minute lesson daily after our devotional time. I'll see what kind of pacing I need to do with her as she becomes bored long before she understands a new concept. The good thing about keeping all my beginner books is that I can use all of them which will give her variety but reinforce the skills as necessary.

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