Friday, May 29, 2009

Phonics Update

We've made it another week. The girls are catching on quickly and I'm liking the program thus far. They've learned the short o sound and reviewed the l sound. They've learned that you code a short o with a breve. In teaching this week I remembered by I originally like Saxon Phonics--because it teaches children how to decode words by teaching them to codes/symbols (breve, macron, accent marks, how to divide words into syllables, etc.). Basically, if you look at a word in the dictionary, part in between the / / is written phonetically and this is what this program teaches in addition to learning the sounds. I'm liking that.

I've decided to keep the girls together on the K level for the rest of the summer. We're only working on it 30 minutes a day. It's easy enough for the younger and just when my older is getting bored, we're learning a new code. So, we'll see how far we get by the fall and I'll reassess then.

My son is over hearing these lessons and can make both the l and short o sounds. I'm not including him yet but don't mind him being in the room with us. Overhearing is a great way to learn!

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