Friday, May 1, 2009

LILIPOH: The Spirit in Life

i saw this in the 'free literature' stand at my local kimberton whole foods market today. i actually picked up several periodicals, the others of which i've seen/read before. i assumed that this one too, would be about wholistic living in some way. and i was right, but not in the way that i thought!

if you've seen this before, you may have more information than i on this...

the cover reads:
LILIPOH The Spirit in Life

This is the Spring 2009 issue and the subject is redefining education (which is what caught me eye).

well, come to find out, LILIPOH stands for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. how cool is that?? once i read this i was like, "give me more!!!"

and now i'll quote the whole byline typed below this definition in the front page of the journal:

"Life can mean the quality of life, inner life, consciousness. In other words, living a life enhanced through understanding. Liberty may mean the freedom to choose how one lives. Pursuit of happiness is a high term which has often been used superficially. It can mean the joy of helping each other along the road of inner and outer health, and toward a better world."

after reading that, along with the 'editor's note' at the top of the page, i couldn't wait to start reading the articles contained in this journal. i have to say, although i've only read the first 4 articles, each has left me with more. whether it's more understanding on a given topic or more commitment to follow the path i'm on with my kids. i'm also thinking, 'why am i just stumbling across this????' and then i answer myself (yes, i do this! lol!) and say, 'because this is just the time you were ready for it in your life!'

this journal is a quarterly publication featuring an anthroposophic approach to health, encompassing holistic therapies, preservation of childhood, education, the arts, community, agriculture, nutrition and social renewal.

i know about most all of them, but will have to read about what an 'anthroposophic approach' is before i commit to knowing this part!

the ads are mainly for Waldorf schools so i'm guessing it may fall into this category. we'll see!

i love learning about something new! here's to LILIPOH!


Pat Andrien said...

An anthroposophical approach to life means finding the spirit in all that we do. Waldorf education attempts to address the soul needs of children.


Pat Andrien said...

for more articles, see

~Leslie said...

Thanks Pat. I know a little about the Waldorf philosophy but not the anthroposophical approach. I'll definitely check out the links!

Chris and Christy Korrow said...

Thanks for the feedback Leslie!--Came across your comment on the web. You might be interested to know that Charlene Costanzo, listed in your book recommendations, has been a LILIPOH columnist for about a year now. Small world! Warmly, Christy Korrow, Editor, LILIPOH.


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