Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i'm sick of being sick OR learning all the time

since there are five of us in this household (excluding pets) once a 'bug' finally takes one it's only a matter of time before we all come down with it. i tried my best to 'keep my head' above it all, but over the weekend, it finally got me. i have to say that the worst is behind me, but my oldest is still suffering with the aggravating, nagging cough! it we would just get over this last 'hump' i think we'd be rid of the whole thing.

i've aired the house out and have been cleaning up behind everyone so as not to spread around the germs again. (i can't bear the thought of it going around again...ugh!)

we'll be out side in the sun this afternoon, so hopefully the sunshine, in moderation of course, will assist in getting the rest of this stuff out of our systems.

the one great thing about this time, is the girls have been more interested in understanding why they are sick and what is happening in their bodies. we read The Magic School Bus Inside Ralphie the yesterday and they watched the video of it this morning. i overheard my younger daughter (4yo) saying to her older sister (6.5yo), "see, jaya, that's what's happening in your body. those white blood cells are eating up the sickness!"

we've talked a lot about it since. i'll have to look up some additional information in the event they want to know more. so, i guess i shouldn't be too sick of being sick. we're still learning over here! ;-)


Stephanie said...

We're huge MSB fans around here! :)

I wanted to say welcome to Growing Naturally!

Rae Pica said...

Leslie, thanks so much for recommending my book, A Running Start. I'm honored.

Hope everyone is feeling fit again!

~Leslie said...

Stephanie: So lovin' the Growing Naturally group! Thanks for including us!

Rae: I've enjoyed your book! ;-)


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