Thursday, May 28, 2009

Do Less

Join the Do Less Campaign

yes, yes, much easier said than done.

and depending upon how i read this it could be "do less" (less meaning not more) or "do les" (my nickname les short for leslie). hey, i'm already liking this 'revolution!'

so in my blog reading i've stumbled across another really good one: Magpie Girl. it's amazing to me just how many awesome things are out there just waiting for me to come across them. the movement started on this site is simply to do less. i find myself always, no ALWAYS, feeling like no matter how much i do there is still a TON, MOUND, continuous piling heap of things on my 'to do list.'

[side bar: awhile back i come across an idea of writing a 'to be' list instead. i must say that has worked...but unfortunately with all that's been going on in my life i've forgotten it and gotten back into this funky 'to do' list thing again.]

in reading more about this whole thing again, it's prompted me to start anew. the first suggestion she gives is to write a 'have done' list just to get a grasp as to what you've actually done. so, i've taken some time to write my list...i will share the highlights of Wednesday:

washed the dishes
washed three loads of clothes
hung up two load of laundry to dry
put one load in dryer
carried baskets of clothes upstairs
folded clothes in baskets
asked children to put their clothes away
reminded children to put their clothes away
checked to make sure clothes were put away
swept floors
put recycling out for pick-up
empty waste baskets
washed kitchen floor
washed bathroom floor
fixed breakfast for children
played songs that children are learning
read children Bible stories
straighten up living room
ironed my clothes for school
assist girls in cleaning up their room
assist son in cleaning up his room
checked email (all accounts)
responded to some foolishness (email)
read a book to my son
took son to potty (can't remember how many times today)
reviewed phonics lesson with the girls
fed the dogs
watered the plants
added bird seed to the bird feeder
swept off the front porch
prepared dinner (which we eat at lunch time)
cleaned up kitchen
read my notes for class
took a shower
did my hair
got dressed ;-)
reorganized bookshelf in classroom
read the girls another two chapters in Charlotte's Web
put kids down for a nap
asked them to get back in bed and take nap
walked son back to his room to take his nap (smile)
played with the dogs
played a game with kids (whack-a-mole)
listened to my children tell me about their dreams
emails photos to a friend
checked homeschool group website & posted comments
read a few more blogs
attended my A&P class
saw a client for a massage therapy session

what's crazy is that after reading all of this again, there are still several things i didn't include. and there are EVEN MORE things that I wanted to get accomplished. i guess in looking at things this way i now question why i would even think that i should be able to accomplish anymore.

so back to this whole 'do less revolution.' the idea is to start acknowledging what i do already. decided what things are most important (that's the task for this week) and figure out what i can let go of. i have to say that there are things i'd just like to do simply because i enjoy them. like knitting and sewing and painting and creating and being outside with the kids and teaching them new things.

i've joined this revolution to get back simple. do important. do less. do les (that's me!).

i'm now starting on this week's task of dividing this 'have done' list into three categories: 1) Things that are absolute essentials. (eating, bathing, sleeping, etc.) 2) Things that feed me/give me good energy. 3) Things that drain me/give me bad energy. To read more about this step click here.

so. i'm off to divide my complete list. will keep you dated on my progress as i learn to better "do less!"

[foot note: Magpie Girl's blog is full of other great things. i'm reading about the Soultribe--which is my next thing (auntie, you'll like this too!!), she also has '8 things' which is something else i want to join in too. but first i need to get my list under control so i'm not doing to much! wink, wink]

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