Wednesday, May 20, 2009

outside of doors

after breakfast and doing all the morning rituals we got out to refill our lonely bird-feeder.

[i have to say that in our relocating process all of our bird-feeders, planters, pots, and several gardening items failed to make it to this house. i know they were packed...i saw them get put on the moving van (by the movers) but somehow they didn't end up here. i'm greatly disappointed by this as these items are a bit expensive to replace. so now for plan B! i'm gathering supplies now to make some feeders (milk cartons, paint, sticks, etc) tomorrow as the day is already getting away from us.]

the kids really enjoy watching the birds come and eat. i've got to get my bird book out so we can identify the birds in this region of the county as i don't know all of the ones that drop by for a bite.

while on the front porch, i re-hung my wind chimes. my dh takes them down when he comes home in the evenings as the sound of them drives him insane. i explained that while this may be true for him, the sound of them KEEPS me sane with all the goes on here! lol!

we also checked our hanging baskets of flowers and watered them.

a neighbor, whom i haven't met, passed by our porch and my son greeted her. he's very personable and says hi to everyone! she asked why they weren't in school today. my oldest just right up to say, "we're homeschooled!!" this started a nice conversation. she asked if i'd be willing to homeschool other children...since it caught me off guard i didn't give a straight answer. just went into how she could do it herself and offered her my support. i think i'm a bit too flexible in my schedule to take on another's child and meet their expectations. i invited her to stop by again to chat!

after sweeping off the porch we went into the back to dig in the dirt awhile. today we didn't spy any earthworms...the children did their best to dig for them. no luck today! we did get to watch a small bee gather pollen. i attempted to capture it on my camera so that kids could see it close up--hopefully one of the shots will come out great! we also watched a spider hop across the patio. since we're reading Charlotte's Web right now, the kids are always on the look out for spiders! ;-)

the sun got a bit intense, so we've come in to drink some water and debrief. the kids created some artwork to show what they did this morning. this also gives me a moment to blog about it before getting into the rest of our day!

we're going to be starting some plants: flowers, beans, etc. so the children can grow their own plants. i meant to start this sooner, but, now is better than never. so, i need to look for some resources (books, activities) to read through today to get them a little background. perhaps this is the theme of our lapbook for this month!! yeah, i like that...

i love learning with them, watching them get excited about life around them! there is so much to learn and explore!!

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