Monday, May 18, 2009

lapbooking monday

i want to get started on a lapbook for May and being that it's May 18th i guess we oughta get cracking. i don't have any ideas. perhaps i'll go and look through some of the lapbook sites that i've signed up for, ugh! just something else.

well, it's my typical monday. but we're already up, dressed, fed, teeth brushed, faces washed, sang, read, prayed, and straightened up living room, swept downstairs, have broken up three fights and talked two children down from a temper tantrum, plus the kids have been playing for almost 20 minutes i guess this means it's NOT my typical monday! lol!

the weather is extremely cold again. i'm not asking for blazing heat, just a nice comfortable day (since i've already packed up our winter clothes).

alright, off to the lapbook site to gather some ideas before i start "school" for today.

hope your monday is going as well as mine...ok, better! ;-)

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