Sunday, May 31, 2015

Weekly Intentions :: A Practice

Today is rather dreary and rainy here. I'm thankful for the rain as it clears the air of pollen. However, this type of weather also makes it more difficult to get out of bed.

I've taken the time to update our family dry-erase calendar. It's the last day of May and so I've decided to go ahead and get June up so we can plan our week.

Here are some of the people and tasks I'm going to make time for this week beginning:

  • Myself--making time for meditation, reading, exercise, writing and creating
  • My family--making time to talk/listen, share stories/thoughts/ideas, prepare meals together, laugh, create
  • My friends--we have plans to gather again this week
  • My community--I will be leading two planning sessions this week with the families in my intentional homeschooling space.
  • My home--continuing on the organizing, cleaning and purging path.  (I'm taking manageable steps each day!)
For whom and what will you make time this week? Share one or two items from your list below. I'd love to hear how things are coming along for you.

Be well.


Darwyn Allen said...

I agree, planning must be intentional. I also agree, we must rise early in the morning and spend time in personal devotion, prior to meeting and greeting others. Yes, on days like this is (rainy and dreary) it much more difficult to pursue with the normal zip of energy the task/challenges of the day.

However, like James 4:3 "You [we] ask and do not receive, because you[we]ask with wrong motives,..". Father, help me this day to achieve all the blessings prepared for me that I otherwise get in the way of with my own desires. Additionally, in the book, "Failure is not an option" by Blankenstein. These are drastic times and they require drastic learning to inherit our desired the future.

"Rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went out to pray". Mark 1:35 Keep me lifted up to commit to this habit!

~Leslie said...

Thanks so much for commenting Darwyn! Will continue to keep you in prayer that you are able to reach the goals you set for yourself. Be well!


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