Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekly Intentions :: A Practice

Good Morning!

Today is a pretty full day for me--not something I typically do on a Sunday. It's graduation season and we have several to attend this week.  The first one being that of a homeschooling student in our community--who has become more like family over the years.

There are clothes to lay out, hair to do and general prep of that sort (cards to sign, gifts to wrap, etc.). I have been working on an on-going project over the last two months now of getting organized.  It's such a huge job that it can be overwhelming at times.  This is why I've been taking it a little bit each day.  I am making great progress.  I can finally see a dent in things. (smile) I have to keep reminding myself that I am doing just fine at this pace--that it's not a race.

We're also coming to the end of our homeschool community's time together. This week we'll celebrate our accomplishments and break for summer vacation.  It's a well needed break--for me, anyway. As a leader/facilitator, planning and executing require a good amount of energy.  I'm looking forward to being 'off.' (bigger smile!)

So here are my intentions for this week beginning:

  • Prep for graduations/celebrations
  • Continue with homeschool organization for next term (for my children)
  • Continue with household organization
  • Create new job charts for the children--every so many months we rotate chores/responsibilities
  • Request assistance from grandparents in securing family memberships to local attractions
  • Set up summer schedule for the children
  • Meal plan for week/month
  • quiet time/meditation
  • exercise
  • reading

How will you use your time this week? With whom will you spend it? What things will you work to get done? Take a moment to make your list. Share one or two below. 

Wishing you each well in this new week and hope that things turn out better for you than expected.

Be well.

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