Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekly Intentions :: A Practice

Good Evening. I hope that each of you have been enjoying the weekend. It's been clear skies and nice temps here where we are. We've had time to relax and time to hang out with friends.

This past week was very full. With birthday celebrations--yes, we did a few things over a couple of days--a field trip, community meals and time with friends, the week went by quickly. We were still able to get some of the work done around the house that I had hoped to and I was able to get in more time planning and organizing.  It's amazing just how much time is needed for that.

How did your week pan out? Were you able to get through the things on your intention list? I hope so.

This week we only have ONE thing on the calendar--pretty amazing, actually. The children were lamenting it earlier today. I'm excited not to have any major obligations this week. In addition to that outing, I will add our weekly trip to the library.

I'm wanting to begin conferencing with each of my children to further discuss their progress and get their feedback. We'll review the goals we set for this homeschool year back in August and evaluate just how well we met those goals. I started these conversations last week but they were rather informal--while we were doing something else. This week I'll schedule time with each of them and we'll begin writing our goals for next homeschool year--make lists of books to read, interests they have, classes they'd like to take in addition to the classes I've planned for them.

Since the children are older and enjoy being out of the house I want to plan out our summer. There are a few trips I'd like to take, they'd like to go to summer camp for a week or two. Swimming lessons for at least one of them again this summer. We'll take a look at the months we have to do all these things and get it on the calendar.

Daily reading is still on the list. So are exercise, meditation and resting.

One thing we did last week that I'd like to do again is making time for creating artwork. We took a trip up North of the city for a 'drop-in' art class. Being in that space I remembered just how important creativity and creating with our hands are. So one day this week we'll paint and/or make some artwork for our walls.

Mother's Day is coming up next week and so I'm hoping for some quiet time. We'll see if that's the gift my family offers me this year! (smile)

What are you intentionally planning to do in this new week? There are so many options and ways you can use your time. I hope that no matter what you're doing that it's the important things and that you find fulfillment in doing them.

I wish you each a wonderful week ahead.

Be well.

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