Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wreck This Journal

I've been wanting to do this since I first saw it posted on another homeschooler's blog but being in school has kept me from getting to a book store to pick it up. Well, late yesterday afternoon I finally located a copy of my very own! I'm so excited!!! I will probably begin in a few minutes, once I get the kids asleep. Then we'll do several pages over the next few days.

Follow this link to Jamie Ridler's blog regarding this. There are a ton of folk participating. You can order the book online or pick it up at a local bookstore if you're interested in participating. It's a cute way to show one's creativity!

I stayed up and did a few of the suggestions:

1. I broke the spine of the book--which was REALLY hard for me as I HATE carrying around a book with a broken spine.

2. I added page numbers to the bottom of all the pages.

3. I burned a good part of the page the asked to be burned! (This was fun as I do enjoy a good burn!)

4. I wrote one word over and over. I chose the word Hope!

5. I poked holes in one page using a pencil.

6. I closed the journal & wrote things on the edges.

I have to say...this was FUN!!!!! We'll see what we'll do tomorrow as I include my kids in all this destructive creativity and reckless abandon!

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