Thursday, July 16, 2009

8 Things: What I Know for Sure

This latest addition of the '8 Things List' is about one's self.

8 Things I Know About Me!

1. I need creativity in my life. Being in school for the past 6 months took away all my freetime in which I create. Be it sewing, knitting, painting, writing, scrapbooking, decorating, etc. I MUST have this to feel sane!
2. I need to laugh...and laugh hard!
3. I need to be connected to others--I'm so missing my homeschool support group! It's creat to connect with them online from time to time but I can't wait to get back home and involved with them on a daily/weekly basis again. In the interum, I've met a wonderful homeschooling mom here and look forward to getting things together for the fall.
4. I need alone time. I need time to be with myself.
5. I flourish through learning new things. I do this by reading, mostly, but have taken classes and done things online. But also by being with others and making observations.
6. I need a good challenge. Another thing that may fall closely to learning but slightly different in that it can be something very short-term (ie decluttering the house) and has a definitely end time with view of the results/all my effort.
7. I need companionship & intimacy on a regular basis; from talking & sharing to hugging & kissing---I need it all!
8. I am learning how to speak my truth & set boundaries for myself.

Want to join in? Check out Rachelle @ Magpie Girl for more information about 8 Things, the Do Less Revolution and other great things!

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