Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekly Intentions :: A Practice

Glad you stopped by today. I hope you've been enjoying your weekend.

We're getting ready for a birthday celebration this week. It's a milestone year for my Sweetie-pie and we've made plans this week to gather with some of her favorite people.

How did things go for you this week? Was it how you'd intended it to be?

I was able to stick to most of the items on my list. I even got to a few more things I didn't list. Laughter has been a big part of the week and I got a bit more cleaning done than I had planned--wonderful bonus!! (big smile) I also finished one of the books I've been reading and have started on another.

For this new week beginning I'd like to give myself to the following:

Meditation, quiet time and reflection--doing this daily is truly keeping me centered and grounded. With so much negativity happening around the world and here, locally, things can be quite overwhelming. It's good to take time to just remember to be human and be present with those I love.

Yoga practice has been a part of this, too. We've been doing it as a family once a week with friends and then three more days here at the house. I'm finding that I'm physically feeling better.

Continued exercise--simply walking for 30 minutes and then some basic calisthenics at the house.

Food prep--it seems like today, Sunday, is the best day of the week for me to do this. In so doing I set myself up for greater success in having actual meals during the week.  It's been giving us time to read together as a family in the evenings instead of preparing dinner, from scratch.

Reading--yes, this will always be on my list.

Planning for our learning time for next school year and for our home school community's time together. I am already pulling resources but need to put them in better order. Then write out specific goals and plans for each of my children. This will involve some conferencing with them to find out if their interests have changed and/or what things they'd like to learn about. There are a few online connections and meetings to be had this week in that regard (home learning).

Gathering with our community. This week, because of the celebrations, and our regular rhythm, we will have four community shared meals. I'm looking forward to this time for myself and for my children. It will be good to be with friends and enjoy some good eats.

What plans to you have for yourself and your family this week? Are you writing them down somewhere? Do you go back and look at what you've done? I'm hoping that this practice is of encouragement to someone. I've found it useful in helping me keep what's important at the top of my list each week.

Wishing each of you the best as you begin another week.  I'll look for you next Sunday.

Be well.

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