Tuesday, April 21, 2015

On Community -- Fun, Food & Fellowship

A few weeks back I mentioned that we would be gathering with friends and family to share two meals communally.  Well, they were both a success. We gathered for different reasons, yet the outcome was the same--fun, laughter, good food and fellowship.

It's the little steps we make in opening ourselves up to the good around us. Being willing to share what we have with others and allowing them to share what they have with us. It can be risky. Many of us aren't as trusting of others as we say or as we'd like to believe of ourselves. I don't mean on the surface level--it's actually quite easy to be in non-commital, casual relationships. Yet the ones that reap the most are those that ask us to be vulnerable--to show our true selves.

I am blessed to have people who do life with me and my family. We've been looking for this; have hoped for and lost in the process of allowing others to be who they are (believing them and allowing them to move on). It's been worth the wait and we're looking to continue in adding others who are looking for the same and willing to give as well as receive.

Here are a few pictures of both of those gatherings!

Our second gathering:

Looking at them again, I am reminded of all the laughter, lively conversations, good food and plain 'ole fun! We are truly blessed by all these wonderful people who have arrived right on time in our lives.

How are you creating your circle? What activities do you engage in regularly? A meal is always a good reason to gather. I encourage you to call up your special people and enjoy some time together!

Be well.

All photographs used with permission from Heather James Photography.

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