Sunday, April 19, 2015

Intention Setting :: A Weekly Practice

For anyone who has been following me, you have noticed that I've been away on these last two Sundays. I hope that my not being online hasn't kept you from setting intentions for yourself. Although I haven't been here, I have been writing down my intentions and giving myself to them.  So much so that I've only had a few moments to blog over the past two weeks.

There has been so much we've gotten into as a family. I did snap a few shots and will share those over the course of this week and the next.

I did want to share one thing right now. I finally did some of the meal prepping/freezer meals I had been wanting to do. Let me tell you--it was a LOT of work--but I was so thankful to just be able to pull out the meal from the freezer this evening and heat it up. I was able to give myself to a few other chores during that 45 minute time frame. This is definitely something I want to continue doing.

This week my intentions are as follows:

Make time for family reading. As I shared a few weeks back, we've been finishing up some of the books we've been reading as a family. We are also going to start listening to a series together in the evenings before bedtime. I'm looking forward to unwinding in this way together.

Daily mediation, quiet time and exercise. I do this daily, for myself, and often encourage my children to do the same. We've been doing yoga as a family for the last few weeks and will join some friends this week in that practice.

Of course, my personal reading time is topping the list. Can I tell you how many books are still on my night stand, side table and on the floor next to my bed? I just picked up another book this weekend--one I have been interested in reading. I haven't started it yet--got to get through these others first.

Cleaning, sorting and purging. It seems as though this one thing never seems to be complete. I do have some more deep cleaning tasks I really need to give myself to, but for this week, I'm only going to do one. I need to focus on getting through papers and resources I've been using (or have never used) with my children. Lighter is better and I want to complete more of this task this week.  This will involve make a trip or two to our location donation center.

I am beginning a major project with involves my photography and designing skills. I have made a mental list of all the things that I need to do to make it happen. Actually, as I was dreaming last night it all came to me--I awoke during the night and thought through each piece. This week I want to make time to 1) write it own out and 2) start checking things off the list.  This will involve enlisting some assistance from my friends and other community folk. I'm excited about this and will share more once things are coming along.

Laughing. Yes, I have to make time for this. The kind of laughing I'm speaking about is the gut-busting-can't-control-yourself-it's-so-funny-kind-of-laughing. So, this means that I must connect with my friend who also has the same twisted sense of humor. If only for a few minutes--it's truly like medicine.

What things are you hoping to do this new week? How might you make them happen? Will you prioritize?

I'm wishing each of you a great week and hope that everything you put your hand to do, you do with all your might.

Be well.

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