Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekly Intentions

Good Morning! I hope this Sunday finds you in good spirits and health.

Most of the country has been experiencing rather cold temps, storms and snow. There are a few of you who are in places that have sunny skies and are warm. Wherever you are, I do hope you're enjoying the weather.

This week I am intending to give myself whole-heartedly to planning my gardens. Yes. Gardens with an 's'. I've been talking things over with my dh and we've come up with a practical plan--I'm glad he'll be assisting us this year in building some new things. I will keep you posted as we begin building and planting.

I'm also working with several of the members of the communities in which I belong--with gardening, in particular as well as working towards the greater good of our individual families and overall community. I have plans, to be worked out further this week, in assisting others in some DYI projects. But instead of doing it ourselves, we'll be doing it together (DIT). We've already come up with the ideas/plans, located the materials and will get some specific dates on the calendar this week to make it happen--the fun part, I must add! 

My children and I have intentions of completing more of our unit on Georgia. I've identified some places within our state that we'd like to visit and see in person. We'll be inviting some of our friends to travel with us and hopefully be able to convince a few of them to do so. We're working on a lap book for this unit and will be making a few more parts of it this week.

Library time--for learning and reading is always on our weekly schedule and this week will be no different.

I have intentions of continual personal reading, exercise and meditation time as well as working on my professional development classes. I have a professional gig this week and so I'll be preparing for that.

I have been able to complete a few more of my handmade items. I got some new yarn and material to work with and hope to start another hat or two this week. (I'll say one to be safe--there's so much going on and I want to find success by week's end.)

I have a critical conversation to have this week. You know, a conversation that's extremely important but needs to be had in a delicate way. Part of me hates these kinds of talks because, inevitably, someone typically walks away being/feeling misunderstood, having hurt feelings, or enraged or some sort of combination. However, as much as these conversations can be challenging--they are necessary and in the end, good can come (through personal and relational growth). Avoiding them doesn't make things better in the long run--it just prolongs an unhealthy interaction. I am hoping for a favorable outcome--no, expecting it!

So another full week ahead for me.

How did last week go for you? What intentions and plans are you making for this week?

I hope to see you next Sunday when we engage in this practice again.

Be well.


Ree said...

You are busy! (Sounds like in a good way). I crashed somehow, not sure what happened so this week I will be taking a step back... hoping for some clarity etc. for the coming week.

~Leslie said...

Be gentle with yourself. Often we are the ones that are the hardest on ourselves. You've seemed happier and focused! Hoping you find the clarity you need.
Thanks for reading AND commenting (smile). See you soon.


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