Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weekly Intentions

It's later than I'd planned to post for today. It's been a full day--reading, cooking, preparing for the week, talking, laughing, resting....But I'm here now!  Hope that you've already had some quiet time to reflect on the week past and look at how you'd like this new week to shape up.

This week I plan to:

  • Meal planning--this is a task I've been working on and have plans to gather with some other mothers to share recipes--get more ideas on simple, wholesome foods to prepare. I'm excited about the possibilities.
  • Quiet time--I'm promising to make this time for myself each day this week.
  • Exercise--I am gently moving into this. My body has been through a lot over the last several months. 
  • Reading time--I have been doing so much of this lately. Thoroughly enjoying it!
  • Engaging my children individually--it's easy to group everyone together but I want to be intentional about giving each of them time with me; to talk; to laugh; to be. This is a goal I'm looking to make over the course of the week, rather than each day.
  • Connect with friends--although this was not on my list last week, I've reached out to several folk and have things on the calendar for this week. I'm looking to hear back from a few more so that we don't miss out on special time we can have this month.
  • Errands--I have a good number of them to do this week, so I'm adding this to my overall list. It's easy to put things off and only deal with what's pressing. However, I need to get them done this week and stop 'making do.' (I also have the upcoming weather this week as an incentive!)
  • Mail three hand-written letters--I love getting letters in the mail. Sadly hand-written letters is a lost art. But I do have people in my life that can appreciate them, even if they are unable to return the gesture. I want to write to at least three of these special people this week.

What promises are you making to yourself this week? How will you be intentional about bringing them to life? You're always welcome to comment below. I'd love to be about encourage you as you encourage me.

Have a purposeful week.

Be well.

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