Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekly Intentions :: A Practice

Good Day. How are you? How did your week go? Did you keep the promises you made to yourself?

I was able to keep my word to myself and even got in a few things I was secretly hoping to do. That is always an added bonus to the week.

This week I'm looking to continue in the following practices as well as get to a few other things:

  • Daily silent/quiet/meditative time--whether at home or in nature.
  • Being present with the people who are with me.
  • Giving myself less time online--a few weeks ago I shared that I hadn't been on social media--specifically FB--for a good stint of time. Over the past two weeks I've been back and already things have become a distraction--even with the time limits I've given myself. I think that I will again scale back and ask for some assistance in keeping group items updated and posted.
  • Daily reading time--still have lots of personal reading to do--for learning and for pleasure.
  • Weekly writing time--last week I figured out that this is something I will need to spread over the course of the week instead of coming up with a daily schedule.
  • Connecting and spending time with each of my children individually--again, another practice that will be spread over the course of the week instead of a daily happening. The kind of time I am looking to have requires more uninterrupted, undivided attention.
  • Purging, sorting and organizing--I've completed most of the tasks given in the daily housekeeping challenge and am also doing additional tasks around the house. A personal goal is to get through the rest of our learning materials and books. I need to go on and let them go. Honestly, I've kept them because I was hoping to offer them directly to a family or group of families instead of donating them. I'm not realizing that my space has become more important and need to release these items. (I have offered them and will be taking some with me for our weekly homeschooling community's space to see if anyone is interested before dropping them off at the Goodwill.)
  • Fleshing out our plans for gardening this year--we've already been talking about it. I've been making notes and plans. We've cleaned our last year's containers and located some others to get/purchase. Tomorrow I will be speaking specifically with another mother who intends to garden as well about swapping seeds, creating compost containers and discussing what, if anything, we'll go in on to grow and share.  I'm already part of a few networks, so I know that I don't need to grow everything myself. There are three urban farms in my neighborhood alone that offer food boxes and set up at local farmers' markets. But the kids and I really enjoy growing things, so we will continue to do something. (smile)
  • Make time to connect and be with my friends--I have some really great friends. Some I've known for years; others we've recently met--but all of them add something special to my life. I need to honor this and so each week I'm attempting to make time to continue to cultivate our relationships. It's great to get a text/email with them but I do better interacting face to face. As I've shared in previous weeks, I have to be intentional about making time to do this. There are too many things that happen over the course of a week that can keep me from doing so (as well as for them). This year I want to make the most of the time I have and enjoy the people who matter most. I have two 'dates' set up for this week and I'm looking to schedule some others for the rest of the month.
  • Continue in daily exercise--last week wasn't too bad.  I have a running joke with a friend regarding exercise--you may have it too.  It's not 'official' unless you post it somewhere online. This seems to be true in our lives now--but although I may not post something daily, I want to make it happen. (smile)
  • Getting adequate rest--my sleeping pattern may be different than most, but I want to continue to honor my body's rhythms with regards to sleep and rest. The mid-afternoon/early evening nap is really working well for me. 

What practices and tasks do you want to give time to this week?  Why not take a moment to share a couple below? I'd love to be able to encourage you in them and hear the progress that you're making.

I wish you well in this new week. Hope you'll stop by next Sunday and check in.

Be well.

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