Saturday, September 1, 2012

Our Curriculum for 2012-2013

Well, this year, I've decided to embrace a more classical approach to homeschooling.  After reading and rereading The Well Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer, reading blogs/sites and talking with friends who are using Classical Conversations and seeing just how I'm pretty much doing a lot of the same things, I've decided to go with it. (smile)

I'm sure I'll still fall in the 'eclectic homeschooling' category as I'm not sold on all the curricula suggested in that book and I will not be following the order of specific topics to a tee--so if you're hard-core classical, know this upfront. LOL!

Also, a point to note, is that we're really not following the traditional grade system.  I'm teaching my children at the levels they are and moving them from there, as quickly or as slowly as they need.  So you may see some levels that don't match up across a particular grade level.  We are working on mastery of skills and competencies.  Understanding and successfully completing assignments are more important to me than plowing through material to say that we're on a particular grade level (see Philosophy for more info).

I was excited to find many of the books/resources at used sales, on craigslist and Ebay!  I was also blessed to be gifted with a good bit of things as well.  So I stayed way below my budget this year!!  Will be using the difference to purchase a couple of memberships and subscriptions.

So, without further ado, here's our list:

Language Arts
Spelling Power
Explode the Code Books
Writing with Ease
First Language Lessons
Pathway Readers & Corresponding Workbooks
Handwriting Practice Books
Rosetta Stone :: Spanish

Houghton Mifflin Texts/Workbooks

Ancient History Cycle 1
Resource Books
Library & Online resources

Animal Kingdom (completing)
Human Body Study
Plant Study

Art & Music
Drawing & Painting
Piano Lessons
Dance Classes

Physical Education/Health
Weekly P.E. Class at a Rec Center
Daily exercise & free time outside

Spiritual Development
Sacred Texts Study & Memory Work
Meditation & Prayer
Volunteering & Charity Work

Life Skills
Cooking & Baking
Housekeeping (daily chores & responsibilities)
Sewing, Crocheting & Knitting (other handcrafting)
Meal Prep & Grocery Shopping
Chores & Responsibilities
Money Management
Yard Care
Basic (very basic) car care
Gardening & Urban Farming
Building & Woodworking

Here are some photos of some of the texts & resources we'll be using.  (I may come back and add a view more photos as time permits.)

Pretty-Girl's Books

Sweetie-Pie's books

The Boy's Books
Science Books

We will start by finishing up the Animal Kingdom.  DK's First Animal Encyclopedia is our primary text.  Understanding Your Body will be our primary text for the unit on the Human Body--all the others will be supplemental.  We'll end with a unit on Plants.  I have several other resources pinned on my Pinterest Homeschool Science Board and will be pinning others as I find them and as we need them.  I'm planning to make things very hands-on and will use what we're learning as the basis for many of our Writing with Ease Lessons.

History Books & Resources
I must say that I'm very excited about our history lessons this year.  I've really been hesitant as I just didn't know where to begin and whose history to share first (I knew what I didn't want to do).  I've finally freed myself from the miseducation I've received and will do the best I can to give my children a better picture of world history by using primary sources for those cultures other than our own.  I've spent most of the summer reading history books! lol  I'll be using a timeline and will begin in Africa, move to Asia and then follow the typical outline shown in SOTW and both the Kingfisher & Usborne Resource Books.  The public library system here is depleting a large portion of its inventory of books and I've been able to claim a good number of discarded history books [at no or low cost].  I actually have too many to pull off the shelf now, but as we use them, I may post something about how we like it/use it.  I have a good number of videos and other online resources posted on my Ancient History Pinterest Board (that place is awesome!!).  I'm planning on several notebooking activities and lapbooks to keep up with the things we learn this year.

So, there it is.  We'll see how this year goes.

Happy Home Learning!!

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