Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Going with the Flow

So, we've made it through another day.

I wasn't so sure by how things started this morning....

We were all up early (normal for my children).  I even got a good bit of time alone and was ready to greet each of the children with smiles and hugs.  But from that point, it's like I was the only one trying to move us forward into the day.

For a little bit, it got quite intense--or, perhaps I should say, I got intense.  I'm proud to say that I didn't throw too much of a temper-tantrum (you know how we momma's do)!!  It just didn't make sense to me why each of my dear ones just didn't want to "get on" with things.

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So, I sat back down on the couch.  Cuddled up with The Boy and Sweetie Pie as we waited for Pretty Girl to get breakfast on the table with us.  The Boy thinks he's so funny (which he is, most of the time) so he sat and told us some "jokes." Then Sweetie Pie wanted to talk about when she was a baby and so I went through all the stories that we rehearse.  I calmed down. (smile)

I was again reminded that although I have a schedule in place, it is not the boss of us or what's needed on a particular day.  We made it through breakfast and morning chores.  Nothing major happened because we got started with our learning time at 11:30am.  The children stayed engaged.  After lunch we had quiet time and ended our time as a group with our story (History).

When Daddy got home each of the children took turns sharing with him about our day.  (I find this time good for me because I get to hear, from their perspective, what they've learned, what they enjoyed and how they saw our time together.)

All this just confirms that I am indeed blessed to have these three wonderful people in my life.  Yes, they know me so well that they're able to push many of my buttons.  But they also know how to make me smile, make me laugh!  I'm also reminded that this time together is about going with the flow of our life.

And so it goes....

Happy Home Learning!


Jewelry Rockstar said...

Sounds good. I need to work chores into our day. This house looks turrible! I just run around complaining about cereal boxes being left open, toys on the floor, books in the kitchen at dinner making time. Sigh. Other that than I've been steering clear of having a tantrum! Even considering that we have three females in the house that PMS at the same time.

~Leslie said...

Yeah, it took me awhile to get chores into each day, instead of just on the weekend. Have a little neater space to be in does make for a better mood [for me].

Glad you haven't had a tantrum! lol
(Can't imagine how life will be once there are 3 of us PMSing.)


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