Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of 'School'

Well, we've made it most of the way through today!!

I'm proud to share that getting up earlier (a goal I had for myself) happened and I had a few moments to myself.  Time to think, time to breathe, time to converse with my hubby, time to start a new book!

Things have pretty much progressed as we had planned.  The children were eager to get started today.  But I chose not to rush into things but take things just as we'd been doing--getting up, getting dressed, doing morning chores, having family devotion, eating breakfast.  From that point we followed, for the most part, the schedule of lessons.  Instead of our walk being first thing in the day,  as I'd thought we'd do,  we did it during our break time just before lunch, and completed an errand as the same time (love living in a neighborhood that's walkable).

Both the girls made their planned meals.  It was nice, for me, to just come and sit down. (smile)  Pretty Girl made some grain-free muffins and smoothies for breakfast.  Sweetie Pie made a vegetarian version of Tuna fish sandwiches with chips & carrots.  The Boy can't wait to help prepare dinner!

School work has gone in the same manner.  We did science all together and then I staggered each of their personal lessons so that I had time with each individually while the others were completing work they could do independently.  I decided not to do a whole lot but to touch on everything and give a simple activity/assignment.  As the year progresses, we'll definitely get deeper into things.

Only one meltdown--which only lasted a minute or two.  We've been working on making better choices.  Each of the children has a personal goal she/he is working on and I've been available to talk them through it, gently. 

Right now they're taking quiet time--listening to one of the stories on CD we checked out from the library for this purpose.  Some days, I'll probably have them actually sleep--but today we're enjoying some quiet.  During this same time, I've decided to blog and get things ready for our history lesson this afternoon.  Once we're finished with that, whatever isn't completed from this morning, they'll have time to do.  If they're all done, we'll begin with evening chores and then they can have some free play time, if they'd like.

It's overcast today and so there is a dreariness about today.  However, things are going well!  I'm happy that we've started on a 'good' foot and that we're not feeling rushed.  Hopefully we can keep this pace and enjoy the structure within our relaxed setting.

If today happens to be your first day, how are things going?  I hope that you, too, are having a good one!

Happy Home Learning!


Anonymous said...

Lesile- I need to start getting up early too. I've done it a couple of times and it was so worth it. I love the mellow, low key flow of your homeschool day. Great job leslie.

ps. Your kiddos are getting so big and our so freaking cute!! They must get it from their mama...wink!

~Leslie said...

Thanks Yvonne!

It also helps that my dh is up entirely too early and wakes me when he's leaving. Many times I've chosen to roll over and get more sleep. But the days just go SO MUCH better when I get on up and take time to myself. :)

Hope your days are going well too.

ps: they just won't stop growing. :)

My name is Tiffany said...

I cherish the time I have in the morning before the kids get up. Wishing you a fantastic school year. Your children are beautiful.


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